Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flower Mound Defending from Williams Eminent Domain Lawsuit

The Town of Flower Mound is seeking a Texas Court of Appeals ruling on whether a natural gas pipeline company can acquire an easement on municipal property through eminent domain.

Williams Barnett Gathering System began condemnation proceedings last month after the Flower Mound Town Council turned down the company's request for a 30-foot pipeline easement at a fire station located at FM 1171 and Shiloh Road.

The town filed an appeal Friday after Denton County Probate Judge Don Windle ruled that his court has jurisdiction to hear the case.

While pipeline companies have used the eminent domain to acquire easements on private property, Flower Mound contends that it has immunity from lawsuits. The case may set a legal precedent in Texas.
"We believe it eventually will have far-reaching consequences around Texas," said attorney Robert Brown, who is representing Flower Mound in the case.


Friday, February 26, 2010

FM Cares Petiition Drive This Weekend!

Details for this weekend's petition drive. Please stop by and sign the FM Cares Petition or to learn more about the proposed Moratorium.

Also, please be sure and thank and patron the businesses that kindly allowed FM Cares Petition Association to hold the petition signing at their locations.


Bridlewood Amenities Center –5000 Par Dr.
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
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Sagebrush West Office Park
Saturday & Sunday 12pm-5pm
Sagebrush & Long Prairie Rd
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Saturday & Sunday 12pm-4pm
2321 Crosstimbers
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Sonoma Grill 

For additional information visit:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recycling Frack in Flower Mound Water Is A Viable Option

Many North Texas residents are concerned about the environmental and health hazards associated with Gas Drilling especially as it relates to toxic waste water management and disposal. 
 You should know that there are viable alternatives to Centralized Collection Facilities that the Town of Flower Mound needs to consider.   
For instance, Devon Energy an oil and gas operator in North Texas recycles frack water at a cost of about  $4.43 per barrel, which includes transportation and disposal of the concentrate (20 percent of the fluid that could not be recycled). Devon ends up with a net disposal cost for water of $3.35 per barrel, as compared to an estimated $2 to $2.50 per barrel for typical water disposal into an injection well. 
While it is slightly more expensive to recycle water, isn't this cost worth protecting our environment and the safety of our neighborhoods? 
We as a community need to continue to reinforce this message to our town's leadership.

See full article here:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flower Mound Cares Petition Drive - 40% to Goal

FM Cares Petition Drive Needs You. Please come out this Thursday & Friday

2608 Long Prairie Rd

Wanna volunteer to help out at the petition signing locations this weekend? 
Send an email to

Health Survey Results of Current and Former DISH/Clark, Texas Residents

Executive Summary - December, 2009
Of the population surveyed 19% considered themselves to be sick, or both healthy and sick. 81% considered themselves to be healthy. However, 39% of the population reported frequency of illness on average of three days per week and five days per month with a maximum of seven days per week and all days of the month. Participants reported 130 medical conditions and of the conditions the survey identifies 23 most prevalent medical conditions. 71% of participants reported having respiratory ailments.
Notable results from the survey include:
  1. A summary of odor events experienced by participants, odor frequencies and possible odor sources, and
  2. A comparison of health effects reported by the community with the known effects of chemicals found in the DISH area by Wolf Eagle Environmental in August of 2009.
First, 28 of the 31 individuals surveyed experienced odor events. Frequency of odor events ranged from one to two times per day to 24 days per month. Participants associated odors with specific facilities in the DISH area including, compressor stations, gas processing plants and metering stations, natural gas pipelines, gas wells, sewer systems and pastures.
Second, the human health impacts reported during the survey were compared to the health impacts associated with toxic air emission chemicals detected in the ambient air of DISH in August 2009, in excess of TCEQ screening levels. 61% of the health impacts reported by participants are known health effects of chemicals detected in the air by Wolf Eagle Environmental in August 2009. These chemicals include
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals,
  • Hazardous Air Pollutants, and
  • Tentatively Identified Compounds.

EARTHWORKS’ Oil and Gas Accountability Project
Full Report:

What is the real cost to protect our town?

In many of the previous Town Council Meetings, some of the Council Members stressed that they made certain decisions regarding natural gas drilling based on the fear of the town getting sued.

The Town of Flower Mound spent $409,134 in median beautification including Grant Funds, Town Match, etc. All of this is still tax dollars.

The Town spent $30,973 in legal fees to defend itself in the first Red Oak 1 lawsuit , that represents roughly .0006% of annual 2008 expenses.

This town is our home, it is where we raise our families and want to retire. Many here have a lot invested in their homes and not just money. We are connected to our community and for some the community is like a family.

Just to put that in perspective, for a family which spends approximately $50,000 a year on expenses, that would be equivalent to $30 dollars to defend your family against a lawsuit. Would you spend $30 dollars to defend your family against a lawsuit? 

Source: Flower Mound Citizens Against Gas Drilling 

Support the Carter Street Neighborhood on Facebook

Carter Street Neighborhood in Fort Worth.  This is a real eminent domain case about a pipeline going through these residents front yards.

Link to Facebook Page

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