Friday, April 16, 2010

Who's Spreading Propaganda in Flower Mound?

Flower Mound Cares has been accused by some for spreading fear and disinformation related to Oil and Gas drilling and this year's Town Elections. We've even seen suggestions that FMC hand-picked Northern, Filidoro and Lyda (N.F.L) to run against Smith, Webb and Robinson.

While our opinions on issues affecting our town are passionate, we make an effort to root them on the best information and facts possible.

So who's spreading fear & propaganda in Flower Mound?

Below are a couple slanderous examples attacking our group and a political ad attacking Mr. Filidoro. The letters are referenced in Ladd Biro's latest op-ed "Flower Mound Deserves Better".

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smith, Robinson and Webb Turn Down FloMo Cares Debate

With the increased desire from the Flower Mound Cares community to hear more from the candidates in this year's town election a few members of the group, including the Stop Morris 6 and FloMo Cares facebook administrators thought it might be helpful to host a debate amongst the 6 candidates in a neutral location with a mutually agreeable moderator.

During a recent council meeting, we socialized the idea with Mr. Webb who had some reservations and asked for more information. 

Meanwhile, the group worked to secure a great location that could accommodate a couple hundred folks. Parker Square. Family friendly, accessible to all of Flower Mound - a great venue all around.

With a location in hand, Rob Marcoe sent the following invitation to all six candidates. Jody Smith, Bryan Webb, Gerald Robinson, Melissa Northern, Al Filidoro and Steve Lyda. 
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Unfortunately, Mayor Smith, Mr. Webb and Mr. Robinson declined-- below is their email response.  Almost immediately, Rob received a call from Chris Roark from the Flower Mound leader inquiring on the debate.
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Understanding their concerns and eager to facilitate an address to the town's people, the group agreed to modify the format from a "debate" to a "meet and greet" where each candidate would be given an opportunity to speak for 10 minutes covering various topics important to the town. Below is the follow up invitation that we sent and once again Northern, Filidoro and Lyda accepted. 
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Unfortunately, Mayor Smith, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Webb once again declined.

Suffice it to say, we are very disappointed with the manner in which these candidates seeking public office addressed our group and ultimately declined our invitations.

***UPDATE***  Thursday, April 15, 2010

Despite the the lack of interest from Mayor Smith, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Webb, the FMC and Stop Morris 6 groups decided to proceed with the candidate forum set to take place in Parker Square next week. Late this afternoon, we received a message from the property manager advising the group that we could no longer use the venue citing the following:

"Parker Square has always welcomed open forum debates, events, etc., but has never allowed individual candidates to even place signs on the property, regardless of political position.  I do not fault you for the evolution of the program, but now realize it has become something other than what we originally discussed.  Today’s comments in Star Local News confirmed to our satisfaction the debate is no longer a debate but a forum for promotion of one side’s agenda.  As a privately owned property, we will not be able to host this program.  I appreciate your work and you have been very nice to work with.  I wish you the best with your plans."

Thank you.
Curtis Shore
It is important to note that the forum was never intended exclusively for the  benefit  of the N.F.L. candidates as Mr. Shore suggests. The forum was left open for all six candidates to attend and address town residents.

We're once again disappointed that Flower Mound residents will not have an opportunity to listen to ALL the candidates speak in what is arguably one of the most important  and most contested elections in our town's history.

Sadly, today's events only reinforce our opinion that our town needs a Mayor and Town Council representatives willing to listen and address ALL their constituents -- even those with opposing views.

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